Online Resources

There are some great online resources available for new and veteran players.

Token Database

Use to research any question regarding treasure tokens you may have.  It has some useful search and filter functions that allow you to find just the info you want.  For instance, you can see a listing of all Rare two-handed weapons or you can see something very specific like a listing of all 2012-minted, Rare two-handed weapon tokens that are only usable by Barbarians that have "fire" in the token description.


Amorgen's Excellent Excel Character Generator:  This is a highly useful spreadsheet that allows you to equip any of the 12 standard character classes with allowable tokens -- and then instantly see how these tokens affect the character's combat stats.  This is a neat tool to figure out how to equip your character with the tokens you have in hand -- as well as see what effect additional tokens might have on your character's survivability.


Cogwind's Character Generator for iDevices or Character Generator for Android:  This app features many of the same features as Amorgen's spreadsheet but in application form.


Cogwind's Revenge for iPad: We are pleased to announce the release of Cogwind's Revenge, an iPad app inspired by the 2014 True Dungeon modules Golembane and Flight of the Zephyr.  It has puzzles to test your wits, combat to test your skill, and even the fun of token collecting.  Download this free app from iTunes and relive the adventure!
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