How To Package Tokens for Shipment

(RIGHT: This is what happens when loose ziplock bags are shipped without being put inside smaller boxes!)

It is VERY important that you follow the instructions below regarding how to package your tokens for mailing in the Token Exchange Program.  You can save yourself a lot of heartache by making sure your tokens are properly packaged.  The tokens are heavy, and if they are shipped loose in a box they will break open the box.  We are very keen to avoid situations where we have to contact collectors and tell them that they are only getting half of their requested Exchange tokens back because their box torn open during shipping.


USPS Priority Mail – Flat Rate Boxes

We only use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to mail out our tokens.  We strongly recommend you do the same as their value is hard to beat.  The below instructions assume that you are going to use one or more of the following USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes:

          ·Small Flat Rate box  (ID# = SFRB)

          ·Medium Flat Rate box  (ID# = FRB1)  Holds up to 6 Small Flat Rate boes

        ·Large Flat Rate box  (ID# = LARGEFRB)  Holds up to 9 Small Flat Rate boxes

The Small Flat Rate boxes fight tightly inside the Medium and Large Flat Rate boxes, so we highly recommend that you first place all your SNACK SIZE ziplock bags of tokens inside a Small Flat Rate Box before securing them inside the larger boxes (if needed).  You will need to tape the Small Flat Rate boxes in place inside the larger boxes if you do not send the maximum Small Flat Rate boxes inside the box.  This taping will make sure the smaller boxes don’t shift around during shipping.

The first step is to be sure to place each group of 25 or so tokens in a SNACK SIZE ziplock bag with the proper label facing out.  This group of tokens is what you would be normally turning in for one Trade, Reserve or Transmuted token.  Sometimes, you might turn in more than 25 tokens for a single token, so a LARGER ziplock bag is required.  Just pack all your 25+ recipe tokens into that larger ziplock bag and place the label inside it -- facing out. 

You can fit approximately 175 tokens inside a SMALL FLAT RATE box from USPS.  This equates out to approximately 1,050 tokens for a Medium Flat Rate box and 1,575 tokens in a Large Flat Rate box.

Always ship the tokens loose inside the ziplock bag.  Do not tape or roll them together inside the bag.

(Here are 175 tokens [organized with labels] inside a Small Flat Rate box.)


The second step is to close up the Small Flat Rate boxes and then place them inside either a Medium or Large Flat Rate box – if you are sending in more than 175 tokens.  If you don’t place the maximum number of Small Flat Rate boxes inside the bigger box, be sure to tape around the perimeter of the top of the smaller boxes inside the larger box.  This will secure the smaller boxes down and prevent them from rolling around during shipping. 

(Here are 6 Small Flat Rate boxes inside a Medium Flat Rate box)

(Here are 9 Small Flat Rate boxes inside a Large Flat Rate box)



(Here is an example of how Small Flat Rate boxes should be taped inside partially filled Medium Flat Rate boxes.)


The third step is to close and tape the box.  Before you do, be sure to enclose the required Token Exchange Program documents. When you are sending a single Small Flat Rate Box, or a larger box it is VERY IMPORTANT to tape the outside of the box well.  Be sure to cover all seams with good quality packing tape, and please double-reinforce the seam on the side (see first photo).  That seam tends to split apart with the greatest frequency.

The final step is to affix the shipping label that was printed out in your Token Exchange Program documents.  Please use three long strips of tape to secure the label to the box so that the label is completely covered.  This will ensure that the label is not torn during shipping.

We recommend that you spend the extra $2.55 and make use of the Signature Confirmation service.  This will help to protect your shipment.

NEVER send tokens in an envelop of any kind.  Please use a sturdy box.  USPS Priority boxes are FREE when you use USPS Priority Mail to send in your tokens.

Below is a properly taped and addressed shipment of Exchange tokens (Trade, Reserve or Transmuted).  Three strips of thick quality packing tape is used along the top and bottom (middle seam) of the box.  More tape is added along all four corner edges.  Finally, three strips of tape secure the address label to the box – completely covering the label. 

NOTE:  You do NOT have to use the provided mailing address label if you would rather go to to print your own label.  Doing so will actually save you a dollar or two!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send more than one of the same type of transmute in the same bag?

  • Example : Enough tokens to make 3 of the trade tokens for Dwarven Steel in one bag? Or do I need to break them down into 3 bags?

Answer:  Please place them in seperate bags -- so you would need 3 different ziplock bags.  The snack-size ziplock bags work great for this kind of need.  We ask you to do it this way to make the fulfillment process much more error-free.


Can I send in for more than one Transmuted Token in one shipment to TD?

  • Example 1 : From above, if they have to be seperate bags, can I stick many ziplock bags into one box?
  • Example 2 : I have one of every type of Trade Token, each in their own bag, can I stick that in one box?

Answer: Yes.  You can put any number of different kinds of ziplock bags in any Small Flat Rate box.  Just be sure the appropriate printed-out label is placed inside each bag.


Let's say I have the following to trade in for several Philosopher's Stones:

12 Rare Rings, etc (12 X 6 pts = 72pts)
1 Uncommon Ring (3pts)
Total 75, or 3 Stones

How should these tokens be bagged as it's not an easy division of tokens for each into 25 pts?

Answer: Please try to avoid this situation if possible.  If you cannot, in the above example please place 24 pts of tokens seperately in 3 bags, and then place the left-over 3 pts token in a seperate non-labeled bag.  Then, take all four bags and place them together in a larger ziplock bag.  This is how we will know that this special case has occurred.


Something that wasn't abundantly clear to me; if I'm trading in for say Improved Ring of Evasion and I intend on making the trade items in the same shipment (toward the ring). Do I fill out two sections or just one? IE Just the ring, or both the Ron and the trade items I'm makin for it as well?

Sorry for the confusion.  If I understand your question, you want to make an Improved Ring of Evasion, but you don't have all the required tokens to do that now.  You want to send in a bunch of tokens to make those Ingredient tokens, and then apply those tokens to make the Improved Ring of Evasion.

Unfortunately, the process has been designed to eliminate errors and confusion which leads to collectors upset with us because we don't agree with the several staged process the collector has in his head.  Instead, we are making the Exchange program a step-by-step process where you must gather the exact recipe tokens before sending in for that new token.  So, in your case, you will have to send in for all the Trade and Reserve tokens you need for the Improved Ring of Evasion, and then make a second shipment with those exact recipe tokens.

I realize this situation is not a perfect one, but I feel strongly that this is the best way to go moving forward.  I want to avoid, if possible, situations where collectors and TD come into conflict because of complicated token exchanges.  Let's keep them simple and easy to understand.

I realize it costs more in shipping this way (for both of us), but I think an orderly exchange program is the best way to go.

We do plan on having a Token Exchange Party in Indianapolis on a Saturday in June for those who would rather do exchanges in person.  And we will have some kind of exchange available at Gen Con Indy, too.  The Gen Con Indy details will be announced after we learn all our mistakes at the Token Exchange Party in June.

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